Cool Charm Friends: Find Friends, Love, and Hidden Travel Gems with This Remarkable Social Networking App

Apps that center on social networking often have highly similar features that don’t serve to make them unique in any way. Cool Charm Friends is categorized as a social networking app but what clearly makes it stand out from others of its kind is that it actually has an apparent focus on dating and finding people who share your tastes and preferences when it comes to lifestyle and travel. Like a traditional social network, though, it’s also concerned with helping you expand every aspect of your social life further.

That being said, it also incorporates a feed for its users from which you can view what others have shared. However, it has to be noted that the app actually encourages you to share your real-life experiences rather than what you would normally find from a Facebook feed. You may include media like images and photos in your posts.

Another feature that is worth highlighting in the app is that it actually allows you to search people based on your location. Besides being able to do a manual search, you are also allowed to narrow your search down by inputting your preferred city or state as well as their interests. You would be provided with a list of people who meet what the parameters you’ve set, and you may opt to add them directly as a friend within the app.

Dating is one other specialty of the app that is worth mentioning. This is because the app actually takes the liberty to encourage this by letting users freely take part in the said activity. You would be able to view different users who are interested in dating, and much like a standard dating site, you can input your name, gender, age, location, and a short rundown of your interests, preferences, as well as other personal information you may want to share.

You may freely chat with people, as in other social networking apps, and they would be arranged based on how recently you’ve conversed with them. Lastly, it’s also possible to instantly connect your Facebook account with Cool Charm Friends, making it easier for you to seamlessly do your social networking endeavors while using these two separate platforms.

As mentioned above, Cool Charm Friends is really for those users who prefer to use a more specialized app that you can meet new people either for developing intimate relationships or simply want to make the acquaintance of those who share your interests, particularly in traveling. It has a lot of potential to compete with even the major social networking apps out there, considering its solid features.

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