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Expressions – An Innovative Tool To Greet Your Loved Ones

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could create cards, quotes and notes, share them and greet your friends using an app? Sounds great, right? Yes, here is a new app named Expressions that lets you to create, share, greet and inspire. Explore this app to feel the joy of expressing your feelings for your loved ones in exciting new ways.


Expressions is a social app that lets you greet friends using your personalized creations. It has some cool features using which you can design quotes, greeting cards and notes for your friends and family and share them through social media.

There is a ‘browse’ option which lets you make a search for images and text and add the ones you like to your list of favorites. Expressions has plenty of quotes grouped under categories like ‘wisdom’, ‘friendship’, ‘love’, ‘funny’ etc. Notes are listed under 2 categories named ‘love notes’ and missing you’ and greetings are listed under a single category named ‘birthday’.

Using the ‘create’ option, you can open a template, add text, add clip art and set a background for the new messages and cards you create. You can either customize the text or use the default quotes/greetings which are available in the app. Clip arts can also be added to your expressions. You can choose the type of clip art from any one of the six types like bubbles, hearts, etc. Set background gives you the option to choose backgrounds using Bing search, Flickr search or from those in the app. You can even choose one from your gallery. You can save your creations either as templates or as images and share them on social media. There is an ‘edit in designer’ option which can be used to make any further changes.


The ‘social option’ is used to greet friends or to access the Expressions network. You can greet your friends who are celebrating their birthdays, view/share your card, view/edit your templates and share/download templates from the network. The ‘random quotes preference’ option in settings lets you change the background, font size and select categories for the opening screen of the app.

Expressions is a fun app which will keep you occupied for hours together. Creating expressions and sharing them with friends is a fascinating new concept. I felt that the app could have had more default templates and greetings to choose from. Otherwise, the functionality and features of the app are quite good.

Expressions is a free app which requires Android 2.2 or later versions.

Price: Free


Rating: 3.5/5


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