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Fresh SMS Scheduler for the Android – The Answer to One’s Forgetfulness!

Life is too short to hurt people’s feelings. However, we don’t always mean to hurt the people around us, and sometimes, it’s the simple things we forget that do the hurting. For instance would be forgetting the need to text a friend at a certain point in time for an important reminder or an urgent matter. If you’re the type of person who’s got a short-term memory problem like Lucy Whitmore, the Fresh SMS Scheduler should be of the essence in your daily life routine.

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What is Fresh SMS Scheduler?

The app is your antidote for that troublesome short-term memory loss your brain has got. It is made for the purpose of filling of for your forgetfulness. Whenever a special event suddenly gets announced by your boss, a friend or a member of the family, you simply turn to this app and it will do all the remembering and reminding for you. It does that with a few simple touches of your fingertips.

Features You Can’t MISS:

With Fresh, you simply won’t have to miss a single important event or person again. Here are some of its highlights that would really come off handy in your day-to-day life:

* Set and Forget So: you suddenly realized that you do have to let someone know of something through text. Since you know for a fact that you have the tendency to forget, then don’t delay – turn to the app right away. Set the time and date, compose the message, and choose the contact whom it should be sent to. After you have set everything up, you are free to go and forget that you just did set a reminder and that you have to text someone. The app will eventually buzz you about it at the right time in case you do forget, intentionally or unintentionally.

* Keep a Strict Record Remember this: You simply can’t remember, right? What a paradox. Anyway, the point is that it is important for you to keep track of all the important things that you are to attend to. The app comes with an easy navigation interface along with trackable groups. These make the record-keeping process easy to achieve.


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* Real Time SMS Scheduler: Whether it’s something that’s due in an hour, in a day, in a week, or in a month maybe, you can swiftly and with no further ado get to schedule SMS update up to as much as an hour prior to certain important events.

* Message Repetition: For events that happen everyday, every week, month, or year, do not have to worry about creating the message over and over again. Simply create the most appropriate message for a certain event that happens in a cycle and the app will do the reminding for you every now and then.

Get the Fresh SMS Scheduler app for the Android now and start to not messing up events and relationships with people with that forgetful mind of yours.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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