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Hashtagmatic- Add ‘#’ and ‘@’ Tags Automatically to Your Posts

Do you keep forgetting to add the # and @ tags while sharing information from a website or an app? Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a tool that could automatically add these tags for you? Yes, here is an Android app named Hashtagmatic that helps in reducing your manual efforts of adding # and @ tags. Let’s have a look at what makes this app unique.


What’s the app about?

Tags (# and @) are mainly used in social media to make the search process easy, share blogs and images etc. In such cases, Hashtagmatic can help you in sharing blogs and photos on social media or any other website in a simple way, as it adds the relevant tags without any manual interference. This app also helps you to avoid errors that may arise while writing posts.




How does the app work?

Hashtagmatic has 3 tabs namely Main, #Hashtags and @Users. Tap open the Main tab to write a post and you will also find options to include the # and @ tags. These options add the tags in the right places automatically when you start writing the post. The #Hashtags and @Users tabs display the phrases that contain the tags. Using these tabs, you can also delete the posts that contain these tags.





Special features of the app:

The most interesting feature of Hashtagmatic is that it allows you to share all types of posts through text, mail, social media and much more in a simple manner. As tags are added to the posts when you start writing them, issues that may arise in the absence of such tags are avoided. Though the app is filled with many useful attributes small tutorial could have been provided to help first time users. Apart from this, the app is a unique and simple social media tool that will be helpful for all.


Hashtagmatic is a free app that requires Android 2.3.3 or later versions.


Price: Free




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