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Make Friends Instantly and Interact with Your Local Scene: Voxle App Review!

If you are new to an area or if you are looking for a new circle of friends, then you will absolutely love this app.

Voxle is a social networking app based on your location. That’s right. You are connected directly with people within the region in which you live. It’s really simple to get started and begin enjoying the many features afforded with the download of this app. You simply share your location with the app and you are immediately connected.

Free Dating Chat App

This app goes beyond basic communication. You can do anything you would expect from a communication app to include find a date, a new organization to join, organize and throw a party and so much more. The options are truly endless with Voxle.

This app helps you meet the needs of your daily life. With the “barking” feature, you are able to send out a message to your community. For example, if you need a sitter for a date night, or a dog walker, or someone to house sit; you can send out a “bark” to your community and wait for a response. If you don’t hear from your community within 24 hours, the bark will be removed. It’s truly that simple and truly that convenient.

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Here’s what you should expect to experience with the download:

* Access to thousand of people looking for new friends just like you. You can keep you circle small or very big
* Free communication options we all love such as texting, calls, searching features, and more
* Share your current status with the friends within your network. On Voxle it’s called “barking”
* Let your friends know what you are doing or even ask your neighbor to borrow household essentials
* Easy navigation to know what your friends are up to
* Communicate privately and securely within your Voxle network
* Integrate your Voxle community very easily with other social media networks such as Facebook
* This is a small app, thus you will not have to worry about draining your battery
* Enjoy the comforts of not being disturbed when you are away from Voxle. When you are shown as being “busy,” all communication notification sounds/vibrations are automatically turned off

Voxle offers a lot and you can feel comfortable know you will not be charged any fees to simply connect and stay in touch with the people most important to you. With regard to technology requirements, you will need and Android device with version 2.2 or better. The content is set for a mature audience, so keep an eye on your teenagers.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

Download from Android Market

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