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Naming Babies Made Easy With Kick to Name

The most exciting moments of life are when couples are expecting a baby. The parents-to-be await their baby’s arrival and start choosing a name for their baby from that time onwards. But they usually face a lot of confusion over choosing a suitable name. The process would be an ordeal to them. The latest Android app ‘Kick to Name’ comes to the rescue by offering a handy solution for the confusion.

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Kick to Name is a baby naming app that allows unborn babies to choose their own name by means of a kick. Unborn babies choosing their own name may sound like a fantasy but you’ve got to try this app to believe that it is real!

The app consists of thousands of names for both boys and girls. Initially you have to select the boy or girl option. The app cycles through thousands of names in that category. The only thing you need to do is, place the Android phone face down on the mother’s tummy when the baby is active. If any kick is found, the app will sense it and display the name that the baby has chosen from the list. The baby’s name is chosen from the baby’s kick.

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The name selected will be added to the ‘Favorites’ list. If you are not satisfied with the given name, you have options to edit and add your favorite names to the list of favorites. You can then let your baby select its name from the Favorites list. The name search is also made easier in this app. The users can go directly to the names that start with a particular alphabet.

Kick to Name provides a great collection of baby names. Not only does it reduce the stress of the parents but provides a fun way to choose a baby’s name too. Now the parents can leave the baby naming task to their unborns! Your child will no longer blame you for his name when he grows up!

The app is gorgeously designed and looks trendy. The navigation is excellent and appealing. The cost of the app is $0.99 and it supports Android Version of 1.6 and above.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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2 Comments on Naming Babies Made Easy With Kick to Name

  1. Connie

    Wonderful app. Great for finding baby names and to let baby kick to name themselves. I am prego and having fun with it.

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