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Today, the global world is in the age of the Internet. This phenomenon became even more prominent in recent years, thanks to the use of mobile devices, and will continue to flourish in the coming decades. But, in the very essence of it lies the flow of information. Just a few decades ago, news and information traveled over a course of days. Now, they travel in the course of seconds, and impact several billion of people who receive them through the Internet.

Newzbid for Android

Today, like never before, this information is very valuable. More importantly, this information, especially in the form of news, does not only come from the journalist and official reporters working for the news networks. A lot of times, breaking news that comes in the form of photos, texts and even video clips is produced by ordinary citizens, who use their mobile devices for this purpose. Many times, these citizens do not get anything for their trouble, while the news networks make a substantial profit.

Newzbid is a mobile device app that has the power to change this fact. Produced by a company called Newzbid Pty, the app is designed for mobile devices which use the Android operating system, and it can be downloaded on the Google Play services. With it, any user can turn a unique content into hard cash.

If a user takes a photo or a video that has value to the broader public, thorough the use of Newzbid the same content can be successfully monetized. If offers its features by using a social platform. There, users can present interesting or newsworthy material which can be bought by the global companies that work in the media sector. These companies can then purchase the same content while the user makes a profit. This unique feature in the world of mobile apps allows users to connect with others using Newzbid (called Newzbidders) and at the same time it produces money.

Newzbid functionality is additionally enhanced because it offers a real time connection between important events throughout the world, which are being captured by Newzbidders. This way, users help out regular journalists and news providers to spread the newest information, while including a way of rewarding the same users for this service. Usability of the app is at a very high level thanks to its simple and well organized visual design.

Android Newzbid App

This ingenious idea is what sets Newzbid from any similar app that offer a way of monetizing content. By providing a clear and very useful global service, this social app is the clear leader in this field of mobile device applications. Even more impressively, the app is completely free for download.

With an installed Newzbid app on an Android mobile device any user can help people get important news and information, and get paid for doing the same.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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