Pickkup: the alternative to overrated social media mammoths

Gone are the days when social networking was running by companies with genuine intents. These days most of the social media apps are not only bloated with a ton of features, but they are actively gathering private data which is then used to analyze our online lives for their own benefits: targeted adverts.

As a result, people are now beginning to realize just how intrusive these networks have become and are on the lookout for alternatives. Well, if you are looking for a social networking app that will allow you to easily connect with people, share your interests, learn new cool stuff and different cultures then you are in the right place; Pickkup will do all that and more, let’s have a look at some of its features:

  • Story wall

Use this impressive feature to post your photos, videos, and stories. Keep a record of all those moments that we all live to cherish. Your friends will be able to see, comment on and even like the posts. This will also give you the perfect opportunity to learn more about your pals as you can view their posts and interact with them on their story walls.

  • Instant Messaging

Pickkup allows you to send unlimited messages to you friends instantly from your app. Unlike other apps which may be regional blocked or censored in other countries, Pickkup is free across the world.

  • Personal planner

Are you tired of having to switch from your networking apps every time you want to plan something with your friends just to go and check your calendar? Well, with Pickkup you don’t have to: the app has its own personal planner that will allow you to add reminders and save schedules on the go.

  • Group chats

Do you want to discuss an idea with your colleagues? Or keep up with all those distant relatives all at the same chat? Just create a group and add the interested members and you are ready to go.

  • Open Chat Forums

This service will allow you to create a public chat regarding a certain topic and anyone with similar interests can contribute towards it. This gives you the best opportunity also to explore different hobbies and cultures instantly.

  • Search for new friends

By using location-based algorithms, the app can suggest people nearby, and you can send them a message request. The option also features manual search that will allow you to browse available matches.


While every other social media app would never let, you opt out of their precious’ Ads; this one does: by simply subscribing to the VIP membership you will get to enjoy Ad free networking and also the ghost mode which will allow your profile to be invisible to other users. Go ahead and give the app a try.

Price: Free

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