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Plan Your Hangouts And Make Quick Decisions With Deci

Social media has become one of the most-preferred ways of communication. Most of us network with our friends through social media and also gain many new friends in the process. And of course, when we chat with our friends we make plans for the next time we could hangout together. But deciding on a suitable place becomes difficult as everyone has different suggestions. If you are looking for a solution to this problem, here comes an app to your rescue. A new Android app named ‘deci’ has been designed to simplify the process of decision making.


What’s the app about ?

This app connects you with your Facebook friends and helps in taking decisions regarding where you would like to hangout. Whatever your options may be – going out for a drink, attending a party or going out to watch a movie – making a decision can be tedious. Through deci you can invite your friends to be a part of the decision-making process.

Working of the app :

To get started with deci, you have to login to your Facebook account. This preloads all your Facebook friends on the app. Then you can select the date, time, the place of the event and invite the friends of your choice for a discussion. You can specify 4 options for the place you would like to go to and then ask your friends to give their opinions. Once your friends have finished voting, you can find out the place that has received the maximum votes and finalize your hangout accordingly. There are many events by default but deci allows you to customize the events according to your convenience. When you select the ‘Where’ option, a list of places such as restaurants, bars etc., is displayed.


This social decision-making app offers the functionality of event-planning and group chat in one place. The graphical representation of the votes clearly explains your friends’ choices and helps you decide on where to go. You can send messages or chat with users who are in the same deci. This app is a perfect tool to coordinate hangouts with friends and make a decision within seconds. deci helps you schedule and plan for upcoming events in an easy, convenient and innovative manner. The app is not just for making plans with your friends, as it can be used to plan trips and vacations with your family too.

deci is a free app which requires an Android version of 2.3 and above.

Price: Free


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