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Selloby Helps You Publish Classifieds for Free

There are many sites for classified ads, but still people need a handy tool that could help them sell and buy things on the go. If you are one among them, this review would help you.

Selloby is an Android app that enables users to publish classified ads on mobile devices. Apart from selling and buying, this app also helps in hiring, renting, dating and exchanging. It offers 140 characters to tell what the users want to buy, sell, rent, etc., I tried this app for my review today. It has Feed, Search, Favorites, Messages and Profile sections.


The Feed section gives all the Featured ads posted by users, while one can search among the posts using Search. With its suggests and hashtags, Selloby really makes it easy to add an ad and users can also post ad anonymously. Generally it could lead to spam, but one could avoid the posts of spammy users by marking it spam.

Users can send message to the people who post the ad through the app itself. Selloby asks for permission to determine the location to present ads related to that place. However, users can also read ads posted in other places if they want. If a user looks for a TV, he can follow all the ads related to it. Apart from these features, it also has a lovely animation video to demonstrate how it works.

One can see the effort of the developers to provide something useful with Selloby. However, these kinds of apps gain power if they attract more users. As the users increase, the number of ads could also increase. I am sure there are some people using this app, but I could not guess the number. If the developers give these facts in their Android Market page, it will certainly help users. As Selloby is available for free of cost, you can certainly give it a try.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5 /5

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