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Every day that we live is a gift. There are special moments in it that we should preserve. In the world we live in, it is quite possible to do this thanks to smartphones and tablets. These devices normally have cameras that we can use to capture every special moment that we have. How can we easily log these moments and share them with our families and friends? This is possible by using a brand new communication application known as Wadaday. Here is more about it.

What is Wadaday?

A Wadaday is a digital, mobile postcard which you can come up with so as to record the special moments of your day. By using the Wadaday application you can create your own special postcards or use the pre-designed ones that are contained within it. This application can help you to capture and share moments such as graduations, holidays, weddings, birthdays and festivals too.

Wadaday takes the well-loved traditional activity of sending and receiving postcards and adapts it using modern technology. This is the special feature that makes it different from any other social media application in the market today.Wadaday harnesses the power of social media and allows you to send as many postcards about your life to as many people as you want instantly. It allows you to celebrate the milestones and special moments you create every single day. Hence its name is derived from the expression, “What a day!”

Special features of the application

When you make some Wadadays, you can post them in a global Cloud platform, share with family or friends or send them to someone special. This application allows you to receive some postcards from other users too. When you post your Wadadays in the Cloud, they can only be viewed there for 24 hours. Once this time period is over, they are removed from the servers to preserve your privacy. In addition to that, your Wadadays are also stored in your smartphone alongside all the other postcards you have received from other users. As a result the application helps you to create a visual, digital, social logbook of your life.

Application interface and controls

Wadaday is designed such that it has a user interface which is easy to understand and use. Moreover, it has some unique controls. The “NEW WADADAY” feature allows you to create a new postcard and ”RANDOM DAY” helps you to find some new Wadadays that have been posted in the Cloud. Moreover, “FAVORITES” helps you to see postcards made by your family and friends. If you have stored some Wadadays, you can find them in the “MY WADADAYS” collection.


Wadaday is available for the Android smartphone platform. Currently in its 1.6.4 version, this application is compatible with Android 4.4 going forward. With this application you can create and share your most special moments.

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