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Snapp! – Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones Even Indoors

Are you looking for ways to be connected with your social network, family and friends on the go? Would you like to know the exact locations at which your friends are, even when they are indoors? Stay in touch with them, locate them and even share your joyous moments with your loved ones using snapp!, a new app that keeps you connected indoors, outdoors and on the move.


About the app:

snapp! is an Android app that lets you get connected with your social network, family and friends. It uses innovative location-based technology with the help of which you can locate anyone indoors and even in urban areas. It lets you use indoor maps to find locations in malls and airports. You can also connect to top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and friendswhere using snapp!.

Working of the app:

On opening snapp!, you will be prompted to sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and friendswhere accounts, from within the app. When you login, the map automatically switches between indoor and outdoor locations as you move. As you have indoor maps provided, it becomes easy to search for places even in malls and airports and that makes this app special. You can post pictures and messages from your location. snapp! lets you check-in anywhere with different networks and you can also configure automatic check-in settings.

An additional feature of snapp! called a shout-out lets you type messages, include photos and share them with your friends from the location where you are. The shout-outs can also be shared with friends on Facebook, Twitter, foursquare and friendswhere. On tapping the orange icon, which indicates your latest location on the map, your check-ins and shout-outs are displayed. The Friend icon shows your friends’ shout-outs and check-ins using which you can keep track of their activities and hangouts.


There are two icons found in the app, one which lets you choose which social media applications to engage with while using snapp! and another which highlights your location in the map. You can also invite your friends to join snapp! through mail, SMS and other networking sites.

snapp! is a cool social networking app that helps you get in touch and locate your friends easily. I found that the user interface and the user controls of the app can be improvised. Other than that, it is a very simple app to use. The Help option will give you a better understanding of the app.

snapp! is a free app developed by sensewhere Ltd. and it requires Android 2.1 or later versions.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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