uCiC: App Designed For Social Photo Assistance

uCiC is a newly released app which aims to help users at getting real-time photographs of the locations they plan visiting. Thus, those who seek to visit New York (for example) and wish to see an actual photograph of the Statue of Liberty, can immediately send an app request to all persons in the area. Someone will certainly answer the request and this thing usually happens in a matter of minutes. This app is unique through the concept it promotes, namely the one of social photo help.

uCiC Photo Assistance App for Android


– Available Worldwide
Anyone can take advantage of this amazing app by downloading it free of charge from Google Play Store and installing it. It requires very little memory and works without any hassle at all. Regardless of the country of user, this app can be used immediately for any given location. Texas, New York or Germany, this app is available everywhere.

– Completely Anonymous
People who use this app don’t have to be friend others or send network connections in order to receive photos of the location needed. Everything is done smoothly and easily thanks to the system provided by this app.

– Ask Questions
Asides from the classic photo taking objective, uCiC enables users to ask others questions via public request. The requests will have to be accompanied by a photo. For example, one can ask “How long is the queue to get in?”, or “How is the weather over there?”

– Karma Points
Every question answered brings users Karma points. In turn, these Karma points can be used for the purpose of asking more questions and receiving immediate answer to them. When it comes to the uCiC community, one can easily concluded that it’s well-bonded and that everyone is eager to help.

Android uCiC Photo Assistance App

How does the app work?

The app works via a very easy to understand system. Once it is downloaded and installed, there is only a matter of minutes until the first request is answered. Here are steps required in the process:

– Select a point on the map (search feature also available)
– View active users in the given area (anonymous)
– Send request to everyone via push notif. for a photo (can be accompanied by question)
– Receive Karma points for each photo provided
– Use Karma points for asking more questions


uCiC is an app which promotes an entirely new concept and which will certainly be useful to business people and travelers. The app is available free of charge in Google Play and occupies only 5.8 MB. This app is compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 and up.

Price: Free
Rating: 5/5

Download from Android Market

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