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Viral!, aptly named, gives you instant access to interesting content shared by people around the world. Ever wanted to gain easy access to viral-worthy content before everybody else? Then you certainly need not look further than this app.

Similar to the interface of most social networking apps, you are also required to sign up for an exclusive account. Perhaps, a tell-tale sign of the app’s desire to be independent is that it doesn’t include any option to connect accounts from a more popular third-party social network like Facebook. Whether this is beneficial or not undoubtedly depends entirely to the user.

Content you share and view are composed mostly of videos. Much like any other type of content-sharing app, you are given your own feed (by tapping on the Home icon) from where you can view the content shared by people you follow. The video can be played straight from the feed and you can freely adjust its sound or view it in full screen mode.

Other pertinent information like the number of views, username of its sharer, tags used, description, date shared, number of likes, comments, and shares can be readily viewed on the bottom portion of the window. It doesn’t take long for your feed to be filled up once you start following people. To do this, you only need to tap on the Search icon located on the upper right portion of the screen next to Notifications.

Just type any letter, name or word in it to gain suggestions from the app of potential people that you can follow. Once you’ve followed them, all the latest content they’ve shared will start populating your feed.

If you intend to share your own videos, know that the app also has a built-in mini video editor where you can do minor modifications to your content. You can, for instance, add filters, trim it a little, add captions, etc. The app also has a stars reward system, which involve using earning stars for every like their video receives. These, in turn, serve as a gauge of the potential of the video to become viral.

Lastly, what is a social network and content-sharing app without a way to converse with your friends and followers? Simply tap on the Chat icon located in the middle of the row where the three main icons of the app are located to begin group conversations with your buddies and discuss content that have piqued your interest.

Viral!’s concept may not appear new at first glance. However, the mere fact that it is a wholly independent platform that is already gaining a lot of patronage worldwide speaks volumes about the very unique content that you can access in Viral! It is this quality that makes it altogether different, besides its chat feature and incorporated video editor.

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