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Looking back on the hopefully successful meeting you had at the party the other day, you begin to wonder why a very promising lead didn’t pan out. You exchanged numbers in a hurry as you bade goodbyes or moved on to other clients. Did you miss a digit, or did the client not save your number correctly? That might be the case. Human error is a common flaw in marketing pitches, with a considerable percentage of meetings failing to materialize due to miscommunication. StayTouch is here to ensure you don’t fall prey to such heartaches, and instead get it right the first time and with ease. The app offers a wireless contact exchange system with no room for error!


You can download StayTouch on the PlayStore, just as you can on the Apple store. An app built for your every business communication need, StayTouch has the following to offer: 

  • Every client is different, and you probably need a different business card to suit the nature of a particular relationship. StayTouch gives you the power to create different personalities and business cards for every scenario
  • Convenient contact exchange. Don’t read out your number to clients, instead let StayTouch do that for you with effortless sharing through a wireless connection. 
  • Stay on top of scheduled meetings with the calendar feature and the virtual record book. The latter also allows you to take minutes of meetings for future needs.
  • Your clients don’t need to be on StayTouch; you can send them your contact via SMS or social media. Additionally, write down notes beside acquired contacts so you remember everything 
  • You won’t be left behind when clients change emails or phone numbers. The app keeps an eye on that for you and lets you know when it happens while providing the new details.

Working on the app

As simple as a Bluetooth file transfer, simply hover two smartphones over each other and send the request for the recipient to accept, and that’s it; your client has your profile and contacts in about a second or two! In line with the app name, you stay in touch with one touch!

The difference that stands out

Narrowing down contact exchange troubles to the simplicity of a single button, Stay Touch offers a flexible and professional solution. It also takes care of other business needs, including recordkeeping, meeting scheduling & reminders, and keeps tabs on contact changes for your convenience. You can hardly say all that about apps of a similar nature.

StayTouch is a smart networking solution in a league of its own!


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