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You vs The World App Review: Let The Kids Go Social While Learning New Things

Education games play a significant role in how kids learn at an early age. Their attention span is too short to make them concentrate for hours in a physical classroom. So to compensate for that, most parents let their kids access gaming platforms that are exclusively geared towards education. In line with this, we’re introducing You vs The World, an Android gaming app that could change the way kids play and learn.


Social Network Gaming App for Kids


You vs The World is one such gaming app that has caught the attention of both parents and their children. It’s richly endowed with information that makes the kid learn in a fan way. Topics touch on just about anything, from disease control, drug abuse, to everyday topics in Math, Science, as well as history curriculums.


These features seem standard, but they are endowed with lots of things to explore. In You vs The World social app, users have access to the following things:

Build a Profile:

A profile lets other users know exactly who is who. Once the user builds their profile by filling out their information, they’ll be granted instant access to 1000 coins (something very important when they shall play this game in the near future).

Unlock the 5 Games and Score Points:

Kids will be required to unlock up to 5 games to win more points. These points can later be converted to useful items.

Follow and Invite Friends:

It’s never fan to play and learn alone, which is why You vs The World incorporates the capability of sharing with the rest of the world. Kids can invite their friends via social media to compete with them.

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Send/Receive Challenges to Earn More Points:

Again this is a feature meant to let kids earn more points in as little time as possible. Challenges come in form of questions that must be answered. They are simple yet challenging.

Get Notification:

Once they create their profiles with their usernames, they should be able to get status notification every time an activity that involves them takes place. This is a social place, so they should expect activities every single minute.

They can Share their Status on Social Media:

Users can tell the world what’s going on in their You vs The World social gaming platform. Once they score more points, they can always share it with the rest of the world to invite a challenge from other like-minded users.


Developers say this social game targets kids between the ages of 8-15 years old.

Design/Application Performance:

It’s an Android app that’s designed to educate in a fun way. What’s more, the developers say they will soon launch their app store, meaning users will be able to redeem coins for prizes, awards and real money.


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The game has been divided into subcategories namely; attack the block, save the cell, shop till you drop, and finally mind your head.


This Android app offers the quickest way for kids and older users to learn in a fun way. Unlike other Google Play games, this app is taking a different angle on education and how children should learn. It’s a global app that every parent must invest on if they want to raise sharp kids.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5


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