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365Scores – An All-in-One Sports App with Integrated Social Networking

Are you an ardent follower of sports? 365Scores is an app that lets you stay tuned with all the action happening in the sports world by providing unlimited info on your favorite sports. Who wouldn’t want to get real time updates about their favorite teams and leagues? This app brings you the latest news, live scores, videos, and tweets in the sports scene, ensuring you don’t miss even a moment of action!

March Madness App Android


When you first install the app, you have to create an account or log in using your Facebook account. Next, you need to select your favorite leagues and teams. The app organizes your home screen based on your preferences. No matter what your favorite leagues and teams are, you are sure to find them in the app’s huge database. 365Scores features around 10,000 teams and 1000 leagues from different parts of the world, across a wide range of sports like football, tennis, basketball, cricket, ice Hockey, baseball, volleyball, handball, American football & rugby.

Once you choose your sports interests, you start receiving minute-by-minute updates. 365Scores’ home screen lists the info about the teams and leagues you follow in four sections – Scores, News, Videos and Tweets. You can tap on the News section to view the latest news updates, and the Scores section to get detailed stats of all matches. You can watch the best moments of the game, just-cut videos and highlights in the video section. Find out what famous sports stars are talking about in the Tweets section. You can select ‘All Stories’ to see what other teams and leagues are up to.

Sports Scores App for Android


365Scores has been integrated with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. So, sports fans can stay connected connect with friends by sharing news feeds, scores, videos and tweets. You can swipe to the left from your home screen, to use WhatSport Fans Messenger and chat with sports fans around the world. The app sends you regular push notifications to keep you updated with all the action as it unfolds. The push notifications can be customized so that you receive them only for the leagues or events you want to know about. You can also get to know the upcoming tournaments and standings & fixtures.

Android Sports App
365Scores has a well-designed interface that makes navigation pretty easy. This app comes with multi-language support, making it suitable for people across the globe. In the next version, developers can consider including more games like badminton and squash. What I missed in 365Scores is a section which lists league rankings and top scorers.

The app gives users a personalized user-experience without overwhelming them with too much of information, and that’s what makes 365Scores a must-have app for sports enthusiasts.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

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