ESPN FLB 2011 Premium App Review

For all those sports lovers who need to have everything at their finger tips – the scores, the strike outs and the runs made, this is something you must have. The excitement and the anticipation that we face when we are at work, like, not being able to get to know what’s actually happening, is just too much to handle for a period of 8 hours. This is the app that you need and it will never keep you in the dark.


No longer do you have to wait to come out on a break to know what’s happening at your favorite basket ball or base ball game. No more do you have to run home to sit in front of the television to watch the first dunk. You can have it all on your very own Android, experience the same as you do when you are watching the game at home on your couch and even more when you share a high five with your friends.

Well, the app is completely equipped with a lot,to make things seem real on your Android. The app gives you the opportunity to manage teams, setup line ups, and keep a very close track on the team that you are following all through the season. You get all the updates like who’s heading to the DL, and you can decide on who’s going to make their way to your roaster.

Then you get details on lineups, Rookie Reports, Breakout Candidates, Spring Training Notes and tips from the best fantasy experts who give you all the information that you need. To make it even more exciting, you get to view exclusive videos and keep yourself updated with news from ESPN experts like Matthew Berry, Eric Karabell and Stephania Bell. There’s even more – you’ll be able to receive lists of who’s playing and who’s sitting it out, lineup changes and more. So with the app you are the most equipped sports fan in the world.

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