Running Rugby: Take Your Team to the Top or Take On Endless Rugby Action in This Arcade Rugby Game

Fans who can’t get enough of rugby would surely love to play a good rugby game app once in a while. It doesn’t have to have eye-popping, stellar graphics as well. As long as the gameplay is great and simulates the core aspects of what makes a rugby match fun and exciting to watch (and even participate in), an app would undoubtedly succeed and get a loyal following. One such rugby game app that shows a lot of promise is Running Rugby.

The game is extremely simple and almost has an arcade feel to it. That being said, the core gameplay of each match is focused on running the ball, getting past players that would attempt to block or steal the ball from you, and scoring tries. In fact, it’s this very simplicity that makes the game amenable to even players who have no idea how rugby is played. This is all the more rings true if we are to consider the arcade gameplay of the app.

In the main menu of the app, you can either tap on the How to Play Game first to learn some basic controls and rules or play either one of two modes: Campaign or Chaos Mode. The former is more about playing matches with rising difficulty, and you are tasked to take your team to the top. Up to 60 levels have to be tackled in order for you to finish the Campaign. You have to finish your current level first before you can unlock the one that succeeds it; you may replay the ones that you’ve already completed anytime you want.

Chaos Mode differs only slightly as it is the endless mode of the game. Every match is viewed overhead. And you are to perform the swiping motions you’ve learned from the tutorial to attempt to score tries. You will also see that there are stars strewn across the rugby field. These are actually extra points that would determine your total score once you get a try. You’ll have to direct your players to the said stars on your way to the goal so you would be able to get as high a score per try you earn.

Also, you will find that the app keeps track of your high score as well. This is done because the app has its own global leaderboard that lets you compete in rankings with other players. Compared to other rugby game apps, Running Rugby stands out with its simple arcade gameplay; an aspect that often appeals to a lot of casual gamers. If you like a good, uncomplicated sports game to pass the time, this app is certainly worth getting.

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