Table Tennis Manager: Lead Your Team to Victory in This Highly Comprehensive Table Tennis Management Game

There are a lot of apps that put you in the shoes of a manager of a football team, so it can come as a pleasant surprise to discover games such as Table Tennis Manager. As can be ascertained from its name, you are put in charge of a table tennis team instead. The app works like a massive multiplayer game that pits you against other players (or managers, in this case), as you try to lead your team to success. 

From the start, you are required to sign up and choose a specific server. You can choose a name to take up as a manager as well as the name of your team. Afterwards, you will be assigned a team, which is apparently not doing well at present. It’s your job to manage your team of inexperienced players, as you take them from the district league to the national league. 

Take note that while the players are controlled by computers, all the teams are guaranteed to be managed by human users. This is why if you really appreciate a massive multiplayer game app that really pits you against actual, thinking human beings, then this game is certainly worth checking out. 

As far as managing is concerned, you are to pay close attention to factors such as your team’s daily revenues, table situation, player lending, staff, loans, investments, sponsors, hall expenses, among others. You have complete control over your team’s entire organizational makeup, from players to staff that will help them become better. Of course, you need to make sure that everything is within your budget and in the green as much as possible.

As you win games, you gain cash prizes which can be used to either boost your players through trainers or in making investments (which could give you instant payouts within a date range). When hiring trainers, you can set filters based on the role that they play for you. Doing so would merit you with a good view of how comprehensive this game is, as you’ll see that there are numerous specific roles like the standard Trainer to more specialized ones like Stamina or Motivational Trainer. 

Each one serves a completely different purpose. The Spy, for instance, lets you know more details regarding opposing teams, while the Security Service is able to foil such acts. When hiring, you’ll see the overall value of each one based on their age, ability level (a measure of their efficiency), and monthly salary. 

What’s good is that the game offers an in-depth outline of statistical data in terms of game results, upcoming matches in the current season, league tree, player development, revenues, spectator stats, fans, and cup ranking, just to cite a few of the most relevant ones. You would have to take into consideration all these factors, besides ensuring that your team is properly trained so that you can effectively ensure your success in the long run. 

The level of specificity when it comes to genre and gameplay that Table Tennis Manager has is what certainly makes it a highly original game. It’s more than just your average table tennis app, as it doesn’t really place you in the role of an actual player. Instead, the app is more about testing your administrative and budgeting skills. The detail that the app has with regards to managing an actual table tennis team is also worth underscoring, and it’s certainly one good reason why this game is receiving plenty of good ratings since its release. 

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