Soccer People: Endless Soccer Fun with Plenty of Unique Characters to Play

Soccer games in the Play Store range from heavy-duty, hyperrealistic soccer league games to more casual ones that are made primarily for light entertainment. While Soccer People belongs to the latter category, by no means is it any less engaging and entertaining than the other big’ soccer games out there. In fact, any new player has a high chance of getting hooked to Soccer People. 

You start the game by inputting your team’s name. The game immediately takes you through a brief tutorial of the basics of play. Much of the controls hinge on tap-holding players to move them and tapping and long-tapping to shoot or pass the ball with varying strengths. In matches, you have control of pretty much everyone as you may move two players simultaneously by using two fingers and move the keeper sideways. The ease of the controls and the overhead view of the gameplay are truly what makes this soccer app easy to get hooked to. 

Every player could choose to either advance in the tournament cup or play against teams that they have already beaten in previous tournaments in Training Match. When playing in a Cup, players have to beat a one tournament or league first before they can unlock succeeding ones. Each one has its own set of rules for winning and difficulty, and are further subdivided into rounds until only the two teams that make it to the final round compete in order to determine the tournament or league winner. 

That’s only part of what makes Soccer People great, though, as its other admirable feature is the host of characters that you can unlock and play. The selection is eclectic, to say the least, as they feature not only human players but animals, gadgets, and robots as well. As of this writing, there are a total of 87 players that you can unlock by either paying with real money or through earning the app’s official currency (called Goal Coins). 

You may earn them by either getting goals in matches or watching brief videos. Otherwise, you may avail of the game’s special combo offer of a one-time payment which entitles you to 800 goal coins, plus a lifetime supply of coins that you can receive over time. This offer also excises any future ads that the app chooses to show. 

Obviously, one defining factor of Soccer People is its simplicity. It may not have the sophisticated graphics that some mobile soccer games have but it certainly shines with its gameplay and host of unique players. Almost anyone would get hooked to this soccer game, regardless of whether they’re a long-time fan or not, that much is for certain. 

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