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Supercar Panel – A Perfect Companion While You Drive

Supercar Panel is an Android app that turns your Android phone into a better driving companion by letting you quickly access valuable features on the go. This car panel app consists of multiple life-saving options and navigation features to make your driving easier.

Supercar Panel consists of six features like Speed indicator, Map, Coordinated SMS service, Land meter, Integrated SOS facility and Navigator.

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Speed option helps you view the current speed of your car in KMPH or MPH. You have an option to set a personalized speed limit. The app will notify you by means of visuals and a sound alarm, if you cross that particular speed limit. This helps you control your speed in crowded streets and jam-packed areas. You can also change the color of the speed text to any color you like.



Map service in the app is offered by Google through which you can view your real-time position and current altitude. The Coordinated SMS option helps you send your current location to any number you wish. The current location of your car is determined by your device’s Global Positioning System (GPS). The Land meter option provided in the app tells you the inclination you are on, while you are on the road. This feature will be very useful for your off-roading trips when you are traveling on rough terrain. A calibration option is also provided.

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There is also an integrated S.O.S system available in this app. It will definitely help you in emergency situations whenever you are in need of help. Using this system, you can send preset or personalized messages to three phone numbers. Your current geographical position will be included automatically by a single click of a button. You can use the Navigator feature to go to a place, if you do not know how to get there. The device uses the GPS to show you the directions. You can reach your destination easily using the Navigator.

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Supercar Panel is a powerful companion that can assist you while you drive. The featured options of the app are worth a lot, though the app costs just $2.72. It requires an Android Version of 2.2 and above.

Rating: 4/ 5

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  1. Steve

    Wonderful app. Everybody will have one in their Android phone, Tab and Car computer, it help u if something goes wrong.

    Thanks Man!!!!

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