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Temporary Lock – Protect your Data from Prying Eyes

We often use passcodes in our smartphones to stop inquisitive people from looking at our photos and other important files. And when we use different passwords to secure various items, we often end up forgetting them. In spite of trying all possible combinations that come to our mind, there are times when we are unable to retrieve the data. Here is an application named Temporary Lock that provides a solution to this problem. All you need is a single, simple code to protect all the data in your device.

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What’s the app about?

Temporary Lock is an easy-to-use app that helps you keep important data secure. This amazing app lets you create a security code with which you can stop someone (colleagues/nosy friends) from snooping into your device. With Temporary Lock, you need not type in your password each time you want to access your phone. The lock remains turned off until you activate it. Temporary Lock belongs to the tools category in the Google Play store.

How does the app work?

Locking your device with this smart application is very simple. Once you install the app, you are provided with four options – Standby/ No Lock, Set password, Temp Lock and Uninstall note. When you don’t want to set up a passcode, you can just tap on the Standby/No Lock option. You can make use of the Set password option to create or change a password. You can just enter your old password or create a new code of 4-6 digits. All your data is safe when you tap on the ‘Temp Lock’ icon that resembles a real lock.This app is a handy and useful tool as it helps you prevent unwanted users from accessing your personal/confidential data. The Uninstall note option provides instructions for uninstallation/removal.


One of the significant features in Temporary Lock is that it helps you avoid making accidental calls while the device is inside your pocket or handbag. To make the best use of the app you can include 2 widgets to your device’s home screen. These widgets will let you lock your device with just a swipe or a pin code. Though the app provides great overall protection, options to lock individual items (like the gallery, inbox and mails) in the device could have been included.

Temporary Lock costs $0.99 and requires Android 2.2 or later versions. You can also try the free trial version of this app before downloading the full version.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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