The Adventures of Simon Pegg App review

Apps that gives us the effect of books, in more color and an animated way is the best and is always welcome. I used to be into comics and fairy tales when I was little, but as I grew I started growing out of it as well. The stories were always great but, slowly they lost my interest, because the pictures started to seem like something unreal, stealing away the magic in the story and the fun from the comics.

But after the introduction of apps like these, its like they have brought life into the comics again, making you laugh and bringing a smile when I would have just stared for a moment at the book , the app adds emotions to the scenes, both to the characters and to you as well.

Here in this app, Simon Pegg is full form, anyone would say that he’s never been portrayed like this before. Simon pegg is portrayed as a supper hero who travels from continent to continent in his all hero jet that helps him fight against all that cause destruction to the earth and human kind. Don’t worry its not all that serious, but through all his struggle to save the world he manages to bring excitement, fun and laughter into the scene.

The main characters that you’d be looking for is, without a doubt Simon Pegg, who’s handsome with a well built strapping body, then there’s his robotic man servant (Canterbury)who makes sure he gets his Coke Zero when ever he needs it, along with fighting with him side by side preventing the world from exploding. Well if there’s a hero then there has to be a gal to win his heart, and she is the all so beautiful Scarlet Panther. When you’ve got a anti villan there’s all ways a villan, who takes the name Lord black, and he wants to use his ancient Egyptian Laser beam to destroy the earth. In between all this commotion there’s a lot of fun and frolic that you wouldn’t want to miss. You’ll find your self rolling with laughter, forgetting yourself transferring you to a world of joy. Do have a companion when you read it, it makes the experience even more fun.


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