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Anti Spy Mobile Free – Defend Your Mobile Against Spyware Threats

In this era of mobile technology, every kind of smart mobile device is prone to malware or virus attacks at some point of time. Every smartphone owner downloads apps in their devices which may be the entry point of such malware or viruses. The worst case is that users may not know that they are being spied on through the apps. Certain apps that consist of spyware can trap all sorts of users’ information and pass them to a third-party. The privacy of the owner is at stake here.

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In order to help users identify such problematic apps on their devices, here comes the most powerful ‘Anti Spy Mobile Free’ app. This is a free Android app, which scans your device for the spyware applications, searches your device’s installed programs, lists out the suspicious software in your device and removes it for you.

After installation, whenever the app is opened for the first time, it performs a complete scan of all the applications including the analysis of permissions of all the apps on your device. The process takes only a few seconds, as the scanning speed of the app is amazingly fast. It then shows the number of apps infected by spyware along with the warning of spy-able apps. It also lists out all the applications installed on the device.

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In my Android device, Anti Spy Mobile Free detected no spyware but displayed one warning. When I tapped on the warning, the name of the application which had got the spy-able permission was displayed. When I further tapped on the application, it took me to another screen where a list of spy able permissions of that particular application was displayed.

If you are convinced with the permission, you can confirm that the program is safe. There is also an option to Uninstall the app, if you do not feel safe with it. There is a More Info option which will only work with the PRO version.

The interface of Anti Spy Mobile Free app is quite good with easy navigation. As it has minimum controls, it is clutter-free.

In order to gain maximum benefits of Anti Spy Mobile, purchasing the PRO version of it is necessary. You can scan your device for any malware automatically every day in the background and whenever new issues are detected, the app itself will show status bar notifications. You can get the PRO version with 20% discount for $3.99 till the end of June 2012.

So, quickly scan your devices for spyware and malware with Anti Spy Mobile Free app.

Rating: 4.1/ 5

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  1. Peter

    Just tried it, works really fast comparing to other anti virus apps!

    I got one warning too, but I know about it 🙂 it's an anti theft app and it can really spy on my location (well the location of my phone). Very nice ! Will keep it, thanks !

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