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Antivirus Privacy Firewall By SnoopWall – The Ultimate Mobile Firewall

One thing I love about smartphones is that they are less prone to digital viruses while they do quite a great job working as portable, palm comfty computers. And of course, who could deny the whole android technology with its power to run the finest mobile apps of today. While android phones are seemingly faultless in terms of security, they’re not. And that is why reinforcing your mobile arsenal is a must, in which case an effective firewall should be a part of. What better way can you reclaim privacy than SnoopWall?

Firewall App for Android

Personal Encounters:

The very first android phone I bought was an Optimus from LG two years ago. Utterly impressed back in the days with the hypersensitive touch screen, interactive GUI, and of course the amazing apps. Later on, though, I noticed pop ups coming out every now and then. And that’s when I learned the susceptibility of mobile technology to ever-pestering cookie integrated sites. But now, with the help of Antivirus Privacy Firewall, protecting my privacy is easier than it seems. Plus, this security edged app as an anti-virus boon and firewall system leave channels open for upgrades you prefer, giving you up to par security shields.

Real Time Privacy Meter:

This feature detect and keeps tabs on apps that are collecting data from you, or more to the point, spying on your personal details for malicious or simply unfavorable reasons. It helps prevents scams, hacks and other related issues.

Choose Allowed Sites:

Like an employer to his employees, you can target sites that you don’t want to be accessible. This goes well with the Privacy Meter that will make you aware of what sites should be crossed off your periphery.

Safer Bank Transactions:

There are numerous banking apps available today. However, not all of them are veracious and might as well be forged to trick you. In lieu of taking risks, SnoopWall determines what banking apps can be trusted based on consumer reviews and other references.

Port Control:

There is another way you can set up the SnoopWall for a rife effect and that would be through its port control commands. This would allow you to set up and do some tweaking on the options through another medium like a desktop or laptop. All of the modifications will affect any device connected to the central network.

Parenting Solutions:

With the Port Control feature, you can manage what your kids can and cannot see through their mobile device for browsing the web. You can block sites with great ease and keep them away from wrongdoings and sightings over the web platform. Of course, this would help them have better focus on their studies.


Download Risk Curber:

Rather than downloading an app impulsively, take advantage of SnoopWall to determine whether the app you’re trying to download bears malware, threats or any other possible downsides that could undermine the processes and efficiency of your phone.

Total Protection:

What’s amazing about Antivirus Privacy Firewall is that it works better than any other antivirus software. Usually, antivirus software only capture 80% of malware depending on the quantity they protrude. That leaves 20% on the move to hack your system. With SnoopWall, you get 100% protection from outside access. It’s like SSH integration but even better. It’s cryptographic means of blocking hackers is truly indubitable. They will never be able to crash into your system, nor enter any of your ports, from webcams, data modems and other mediums hackers usually creep into.

Other features I love would included it battery saving presents and sleep and wake automatic adjustments. Overall, I give this mobile security app a four out of five star.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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