Battery Bar: Add Fantastic Effects and Colors to Your Smartphone’s Battery

Are you tired of the bland battery icon on your Android phone? Would you like it to look more colorful, for instance, and adding animated objects to it to depict battery level movement in real-time? How about adjusting its size and position? With Battery Bar, you would have the ability to do those things and plenty more as far as customizing the aspects of your phone’s battery meter is concerned.

Before anything else, though, it’s important to pinpoint that the app actually puts your battery at the top bar (or status bar) of your phone; you would be able to control this by selecting where you want it positioned (whether at the top, bottom, left, right, center, etc.) That being said, you can expect your entire battery bar to occupy the top portion of your phone, and the thickness of the bar that you choose determines the space that it would ultimately occupy.

From there, you may now start adjusting other features of your battery bar. For instance, you can set how transparent you want it to be by using the built-in slider. Directly below it is where you can make adjustments to the bar’s colors. As you’ll see, you’ll be able to set different colors to different segments of the bar. The size of each segment can be freely adjusted as well.

Afterwards, you may now start choosing the animation that you may want your bar to display. The animation is mostly concerned with icons that perform static movements when being charged (rotate, wave, blink, overshoot, to cite a few). Depending on the movement you choose, each one has different kinds of respective modification capabilities as well. Additionally, there are numerous icons you can select (like snowflakes, vehicles, as well as other kinds of symbols), and you may edit their color as well using sliders.

You would also be able to choose whether you want to show empty portions of the bar or not and even control their transparency level; if you choose to enable them, you may also edit their color to make their distinction readily visible. You may also tick the Show Battery Level checkbox so you’ll be able to always know for certain your phone’s exact energy levels at present. As long as it’s enabled, you may also choose to modify its text color and position.

As far as battery indicators and bars are concerned, Battery Bar stands apart because of the plethora of specialized features it has It doesn’t pull any punches in focusing on all the battery aspects of your app. This very specificity is what makes it highly distinctive. Add to this the variety it incorporates when editing, and you pretty much get a well-rounded app that fulfills its main purpose of beautifying your phone’s battery bar.

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