Choose from Hundreds of Cool Charging Animations for Your Phone

Customizing different aspects of your smartphone can be very satisfying as it shows a lot about your personality and aesthetic tastes as a whole. Personalizing its charging animation is no different from this. It raises your phone to a whole new pedestal that would make it stand out from others that came from a similar production line. In short, it makes unique what is normally deemed as generic.

The app, Battery Charging Animation, makes these customizations easy for users by giving numerous animations to choose from beside making it convenient for them to change the charging animation of their phones. Upon launching the app, you would immediately be taken to an interface where you can easily modify the settings of the charging animation.

The app even includes a handy On and Off tab that would allow you to immediately disable or enable the charging animation that you’ve chosen. Besides this, of course, there is a ready option for you to change the actual animation. By tapping on it, you’ll be taken to a green screen where pretty much all the animations that the app has would be made available to you. You only need to swipe down to see your options.

They are also all moving from the get-go so you can be sure that you’ll always get a preview of each individual animation. All of them have starkly colorful design as well. Once you’ve chosen a single animation, it would be immediately set on the bottom middle part of your phone. Take note that you can select a different charging animation when using a USB connector as well.

The customizations don’t end there, though. As you can also freely adjust the size of the animation, its transparency, color, position, and you can even rotate the animation if you like. The color options can be customized, which really is a testament that the app is giving users the freedom to exercise their creativity in personalizing their chosen animation to the fullest.

The app also has a full battery alarm as a secondary feature; an aspect that is lacking in even the most advanced smartphones available on the market today. This alarm will go off once the battery level is full or once it has reached a certain level that you have set.

Battery Charging Animation simply sets itself apart with its focus on smartphone charging animations. The myriad animation choices that you have as well as their smooth and attractive motions are also defining features. Furthermore, it is rare for an app of this kind to actually allow users to set the charging animation on any position in the screen that they choose.

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