Booster Kit: A Treasure Bundle of Boosting Tools That Keeps Your Phone Running in Tip-Top Shape

Have you ever had the experience of trying out a game on your Android phone you instantly loved only for it to suddenly start running slowly one day? And who among us hasn’t been disappointed by a battery that drains fast? Without a doubt, you are probably already aware of apps that address this issue as well. Of course, it’s always better if you can have all of these tools in one app, right?

This is pretty much what Booster Kit offers. It is composed of the essential boosting tools that range from a Battery Life Saver and Cache Cleaner to a Game Booster and Memory Booster. The Battery Saver, for one, works excellently in keeping your charge levels from decreasing faster than normal. The Memory Booster, on the other hand, frees up memory by giving you a list of running apps that you can close. What’s great is that it also has an Auto start sub-feature, which makes it possible for you to prevent apps from automatically starting once you open your device.

Gamers would definitely love Game Booster, as upon installing the app, all the games that you have installed would automatically be boosted by Booster Kit. Lastly, the Cache Cleaner does a fine job of getting rid of the junk files that only serve to take up your system’s space. You will learn just how these files tend to pile up once the app shows you the entire status of you system storage.

With that said, Booster Kit also gives you an overview of your phone’s entire status with its System Health meter. Based on percentage and color coding, it grades how optimized your device is as a whole. Of course, a higher percentage and green health means that your device is performing at its best possible condition.

The app also has a one-click Boost functionality, which pretty much ups the convenience of this app further. It allows you to perform full optimization with a single tap of the ‘Boost’ button. That you can choose to add a shortcut of this button to your app selection interface only makes Booster Kit all the more nifty, and a must-have for anyone who wants to performs optimizations in mere milliseconds.

Apparently, Booster Kit stands out from other apps in the booster category by simply making readily available all the features that such apps usually separately offer. Not only does this allow you to save space, memory, and battery, (ensuring that it’s doing its primary functionalities optimally), but it also adds that inimitable touch of convenience found only in all-in-one types of apps.

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