Capture Your Own Geophotos with GeoCam AR Pro

Are you an amateur or professional photographer? Do you like shooting pictures of everything you see around? Would you like to pin in all sorts of geo information to the photos you take? Well, here is a powerful photography tool named ‘GeoCam AR Pro’ to help you create, preview and share the geophotos you take, with others.

Geophotos are photos that consist of additional information like the exact geographic coordinates of the actual location where the photo was taken.

GeoCam AR Pro is an easy to learn app that is rich in photographic functions. It lets you add more than just coordinates to the photos you take. The app supplies the camera orientation at the moment of capturing the picture. You can also add you own comments about the photograph. More than this, the app allows you to share the geophotos with everyone you would like to.

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The main screen of the app consists of a grid line camera interface with a preview of the geolocation. The latitude and longitude coordinates of the picture are shown on the screen along with accurate details. All this information is available once you open the app. Hence, the app is very fast in analyzing the positions of the picture.

You can take photos with a single click. All the necessary background information is saved along with the photo. You can also generate a complete professional report of the photo you take with all the geolocation information in PDF format and send it via email to anyone.

The other features of the app include editing coordinate parameters, filtering the geophotos by time and location, simultaneous viewing of several geophotos on the map, adding your logo to reports and so on. You can also work on many advanced settings in the app.

I tried this app when I went on a trek with my friend. I took a snap shot of the hills and shared it with my family to inform them about where I was. To my surprise, I was amazed when my friends got to know the exact location of my place with all geo details . It really added flavor to my photos.

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You could also use this app to send a GeoCam report for a real estate property of interest to your clients to provide complete details. You could even send a GeoCam report of a road accident to your insurance agent. In addition to that, you can use it in your day-to-day life for the photos you cherish the most.

The app is amazingly fast in all its operations and provides a great experience to all its users. The downside of the app is that it is a bit expensive and it consumes a large amount of your device’s bandwidth. Apart from this, GeoCam AR Pro is a fantastic app not just for photographers but everyone.

The app costs $4.48 and it requires an Android version of 2.1 and above.

Rating: 4/ 5

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