Child Lock: A Simpler Parental Control App that Still Assures Maximum Control and Surveillance

Nowadays, it can be very difficult to keep track of what your kids are exposed to while browsing online or using apps. Most of the time, it would require no less than full surveillance of your child’s activities just to make. This is why there’s plenty to like about parental control apps, as they make the endeavor less complicated for parents. One particular app in the said category that we would like to bring into the spotlight is the Child Lock.

The main interface of the app does a good job of providing users with a good overview of its major features. After enabling accessibility (a required step to use the app), you could either tap on ‘Start Child Lock Launcher’, ‘Allow Apps for Kids’, or do a couple of modifications in ‘Settings’. Starting with the first, it’s essentially a one-tap functionality that immediately locks the device that you have activated Child Lock in.

Tapping on it would take you promptly to the lock screen, and you would be guided accordingly on how you can set a 4-digit passcode to unlock it The display in the lock screen is child-friendly, to say the least, and is perfect for toddlers. With this, it would certainly take you less than a second to completely bar access to your child’s device. The action ensures that the volume keys would be locked as well, so your child won’t be able to mute the ringer.

The second feature, ‘Allow Apps for Kids’, is where you get to do all the app-locking endeavors that you mean to do. It provides you with a complete list of apps that are installed in your child’s device. You simply have to check the ones that you want your child to have access to (once you activate the Child Lock Launcher) and leave those that you want to block. That’s pretty much how easy and uncomplicated this app is.

Other notable features include the ability to enable and disable Wi-Fi while on Child Lock, allow Camera, menu, and search capabilities, as well as fun and more engaging activities for your child that range from painting to learning the alphabet.

What makes Child Lock very different from other parental control apps is it’s relatively easier to get the hang of its features and entire functionality. It doesn’t need the assistance of a ‘parent’ device just to deliver its purpose efficiently. This is why if you prefer to lock your child’s smartphone directly then this parental control app might just be the one you’re looking for.

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