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Dentity – An App for Contact Management on a New Level

Contacts are incredibly important both in personal life and in business. Thanks to the modern technology, especially the Internet and its social networks, finding a new contract and rediscovering old one was never as easy as it is now. Because of things like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the manner in which people interact with each other only gets more and more diverse, as well as widespread. Social circles are becoming bigger and bigger while new ways of interaction become available, while mobile devices like smartphones and tablets make sure that these options are present everywhere.

Contact Book Managing Android App


At the same time, a completely new kind of a problem arises. Now, with all these connections and contact, any user of these advanced communication technologies must find a way to organize all of them in a clear and precise manner. A software development company called Applied Financial Research decided to do something about this problem, and produce an Android-based app called Dentity which can solve all these headaches.

A few decades ago, a single notebook could hold all the phone numbers and addresses a person or a company needed. Today, this information is accompanied by social network addresses, user names, emails and many more things. Dentity, on the other hand, has the ability to store all these data on any mobile device which uses an Android operating system.


Android Contact Group Manager App


Dentity allows for the creating of directory of contacts which can be used by individuals, business or professional collectives and any other social circle. With it, its users can produce a contact base which is always updated and works on a multi-platform approach, which means that its data is available on mobile devices as well as on standard desktop or laptop computers.

The application can help law firms, agencies or startup projects to form a unified directory for their collaborators and employees. The same can be done by professional organizations or other networks to stay connected, while family members, groups of friends or anyone else can also benefit from knowing when someone who they care about changed a phone number or an email address.

Social Group Management Android App


Dentity uses a continuous update system, a high security level and grants its users the ability to decide which contact information they wish to share with others. Because of these features, the app offers a top-notch environment when it comes to the safety and protection of personal information. But, the main feature which makes Dentity stand out from its competitor application is the fact that it provides all its abilities in an elegant and clear interface, which does not require a long period of adjustment and learning when it is installed by a new user. Instead, anyone will understand and learn all functions in a matter of minutes.

Dentity is available for a free download and it should be definitely strongly considered by anyone who seeks a way to manage social connections on a very advanced level.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5


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