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EasyPPT – Access Presentations on PC with your Smart Device!

It has become a common practice now to make use of presentations in meetings and conferences to communicate ideas clearly to the gathering. After working for hours on a presentation, spending time to proofread it and make tweaks, an unexpected compatibility issue which stops you from accessing your presentation in a meeting can give you cold feet or put you in a state of panic. To prevent such incidents from happening, an app named EasyPPT has been developed. This app lets you access your presentation on any device of your convenience and does away with compatibility issues.

What’s the app about?

EasyPPT can be called a remote desktop control app as it allows you to access presentations stored on the PC. The simple layout of the app helps you in downloading presentations effortlessly. EasyPPT is one of the dynamic tools that allows you to view and edit slides easily. It enables you to have direct control over presentations without using your mouse, keyboard or USB drive.


How does the app work?

The app has 2 options namely Download PC File and Send Phone File. Choose a suitable option and then type in the relevant IP address and the location of the file that is to be opened. The app synchronizes your smart device with the presentation on your PC using the Web, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Your PPT is now ready for access. You can edit the themes of the slides, add colors, change effects etc. The handy pen tool in the app helps you in adding graphics to your PPT.


EasyPPT allows you to take photos and add them to your PPT, whenever required. One of the significant features of the app is that you can insert texts by writing on the phone screen using your hand or stylus. You can gain access to your presentation immediately when you connect the PC with your Android device using the app. When you scroll through the presentation on your mobile device by flipping the slides, the changes are automatically reflected on the PC’s screen. EasyPPT allows you to link only with a particular Wi-Fi network. The developers need to work on this aspect, to enhance the app’s usability. Apart from this, EasyPPT is an amazing presentation control app that is a must-have for every businessman.

EasyPPT is a free app which requires Android 2.3.3 or later versions.


Price: Free


Rating: 4/5


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