Flashlight by Apalon: A More Versatile Flashlight App, Perfect for Various Situations

What could be better than having a smartphone that has a flashlight, which has extra capabilities? Apalon Apps, the developer of this Flashlight, is well-aware of the handiness of a flashlight in any kind of situation where extra lighting is needed. This is why they went ahead and added some tweaks to the average flashlight capabilities of a smartphone that many users would really appreciate. So much so that it’s a wonder Android phones weren’t fitted with them in the first place.

For one, this Flashlight app incorporates 9 entirely different flashing frequencies. The higher the number, the faster the flash. You only need to slide your finger on the screen to adjust the said frequencies. Of course, setting it on 0 means that the flashlight’s beam would remain static.

And, if you ever find yourself in an emergency, what could be better than being able to signal for help with your flashlight? The developers of this Flashlight anticipated this, so they also added an SOS flashlight signal. It’s pretty handy for people who don’t know the proper way to send an SOS signal for aid. The fact that it requires less manual operation is undeniably invaluable as well, as you can never really predict what scenarios may arise in an emergency situation.

The overall design of the app is praiseworthy as well, as it doesn’t sacrifice aesthetic appeal in its pragmatic approach to providing something as handy as a flashlight. The design is very contemporary, to say the least. One other notable feature is the app’s built-in screen light mode. Its developers were responsive enough to include this, which allows people without an LED flash to use their smartphone as a flashlight. That the user can choose from three color screen modes when activating the said mode only adds more value to the overall functionalities of this Flashlight app.

Understandably, there are already a lot of flashlight apps out there, which have features that are similar to this particular Flashlight app. Nonetheless, the saying “the devil is in the details” could not be more applicable in the case of this app. For one, the screen light mode is something that hasn’t been incorporated in other flashlight apps before.

The same can be said for the aesthetic side of the app, especially if the 3 color screen modes are highlighted. Take note that Flashlight doesn’t require extra permission in using all of its functionalities as well. All in all, this is definitely a flashlight app that is more versatile than other standard ones out there. What’s certain is that the features of this Flashlight readily asserts the fact that the importance of a flashlight should never be overlooked.

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