Hexlock: The Android Privacy Protector that You Deserve

Nothing could be more peeving than knowing that someone is invading your privacy. The ominous, uncomfortable feeling of a stranger reading your most intimate, private messages and pictures is undoubtedly something that we wouldn’t want to have to experience as much as possible. Hexlock’s developers are well-aware of this, which is why they’ve made this outstanding platform of privacy protection for your Android device.

Hexlock acts both as an app lock and a photo vault. Offering support for just about any type of app, this app certainly goes all the way when it comes to giving users what they need, protection-wise. From Snapchat and Gallery to SMS, Facebook, and Gmail, every app that you have a tendency to use on a regular basis can be locked by this app. You can even add games easily as well.

There is significant freedom provided to users when it comes to choosing the apps that they want to lock. You can even have them sorted based on popularity and other categories. There is also an option in settings that would allow Hexlock to automatically lock the apps of your choosing once you connect to a Wi-Fi network. Of course, locking involves setting PIN passwords or patter locks so you have to this into consideration as well.

Users may also take delight in the fact that the app has various profiles (Home, Work, Parental, Party, School, and Cafe) already available, which they can freely choose and modify, serving as a guide and making it easier for them to know how the app works as a whole.

The Media Vault of Hexlock was included in order to let users have a more secure place in which they can store their photos and videos without worry of them being compromised. You only need to import them to the said photo vault. This is, of course, besides the fact that you can also choose to lock your Gallery using this platform.

The app also works as a good way to set parental controls for your children, sparing you from the hassle of having to rely on a separate app for this purpose alone. And, depending on the Samsung device that you’re using, know that it’s also possible for you to use fingerprint locking and unlocking with Hexlock.

Comparing Hexlock to other app lockers, it certainly stands out with its user-friendly interface and clean design, besides its offering support for numerous other third-party apps that we tend to use daily. The fact that you can readily set profiles for every purpose that you intend to use the app for goes to show the responsiveness of its developers.

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