HunText: No more headaches from missing files!

 Concept of the app 

Where’s that word homework you typed up last night? You’re sure you transferred the document to your phone’s storage but you just can’t find it. You’ve looked through all the directories you can think of but you’ve come up with nothing. Oh no! Will you have to redo the assignment from scratch? Well, not if you know about hunText! The modern-day phone is a complex device with regard to storage. With time, it can become a maze of all sorts of stuff making it hard to get what you need when you need it. HunText is here to save you the troubles and cumbersome nature of rummaging through your phone. Find what you need in an instance, and do much more including watching videos and compressing files, to name a few. 

HunText Features

Download hunText on the Android store and witness your file searching headaches vanish. Here’s what the app does for you

  • State of the art search engine: The robust and cutting-edge file finder ensures no file hides from your desire. With its fast indexing features, you can find and update files in the blink of an eye! 
  • An all-powerful file manager: Found what you’re looking for? You need not dive into another app to make changes. HunText also provides other file management and FTP functionalities like sharing, compressing, moving, deleting, etc.
  • File explorer: Cruise through directories like Usain Bolt in the 100-meter sprints! The navigation drawer makes it so easy to access files and folders. It models the system akin to the convenience that a PC file explorer affords 
  • Duplicate Analyzer and remover: Sometimes you can save multiple files unknowingly in different locations. HunText finds these duplicates, allowing you to delete them for extra storage. 
  • Compressing features: Still, need an important file but would like to free up some space? Compress large files into smaller zip versions with hunText!
  • Searches on cloud storage platform: Beyond your phone, hunText also offers file organization and management benefits for virtual storage like Dropbox, Onedrive, and Google drive. 

How the app works

HunText offers users a virtual cabinet that details the number and types of files, namely Movies, Downloads, Pictures, etc. Click the search icon at the top to look up a file, with there being an option for a voice search. How cool, right?! The home screen also includes options for web file transfers and adding your cloud account, if you opt for the pro subscription.

Where HunText shines above all others

Did I mention the voice-activated search protocol? It’s so awesome we’re gonna mention it twice! The other thing that makes HunText standout as well is its extremely advanced and fast indexing search engine. There’s nowhere left to hide for those elusive files! What’s more, this search prowess traverses the confines of your phone and into cloud media! 

What are you waiting for? Tidy up your phone today with revolutionary hunText!


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