Make Your Own TV Show Clips from Live Broadcasts in Seconds

TV clips abound online, but have you always wanted to create your own clips from your favorite shows? With Clippit, you can do just about that and more. It is practically an app that lets you create clips from various noteworthy moments from TV shows, sports programs, and comedy shows, to name just a few. They are immediately shareable to multiple social media platforms as well for the convenience of users.

That being said, you only need to sign up for an account to get started. You can connect your Facebook or Twitter account; otherwise, you can just opt to use your email. After getting your account, you will be taken to the main interface with the Clips tab as the default tab. Here, you will immediately be able to look at snippets of various live TV shows that are currently airing. All the familiar TV networks are supported by Clippit, which is one particular benefit worth highlighting.

Once you tap on a certain show, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll be able to select a specific scene from it. You have to be sure that it’s the one that you want to work with. What’s great is that the app offers previews of each particular scene. Take note that these shows are airing live so your options are limited to what’s happened in the last hour in that particular show. You can use the slider on the right to adjust the point in the show that you want to clip. Tapping further would take you to the actual screen where you can start editing the scene to make a clip out of it.

Clip-making is simple enough as well, as you only have to pinpoint the exact start and end times of the clip. There is a built-in handle that you only need to slide to set these. This makes the app similar to other video-editing platforms out there, at least, in terms of being able to set the exact time of when the clip would begin and finish. This is also one of the apparent strengths of the app. However, keep in mind that the clip should only be a maximum of 30 seconds long.

Once done, you can immediately set a caption for your clip and share it on various social media platforms. Clippit’s focus on editing live TV shows is certainly unprecedented, to say the least. This technically guarantees that you’ll be one of the first, if not the first, to make a clip out of a specific show. This in itself is something that not a lot of apps with a similar function can boast of.

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