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Net Nanny – Safe Surfing For Kids

Our kids spend a lot of time online these days. They use the Internet to prepare their projects and assignments, download songs and videos, watch movies, read the news, stay in touch with friends etc. As it is not possible to stop kids from using the Internet, parents need to be around most of the time to monitor kids’ browsing activities and ensure that they are not exposed to content that is inappropriate for their age. But how will you know if your child is safe online while you are at work or out shopping?Net Nanny relieves you from anxiety and keeps such uneasy thoughts at bay. The popular parental control browser for desktops, Net Nanny, is now available as an app for Android devices with enhanced features that suit smart devices.


What is the app about?

Net Nanny is a browser with Web manager tools that blocks more than 18 categories of webpages by default. This app blocks inappropriate content on webpages like pornography and protects kids from online predators, cyberbullying and more. Net Nanny is the perfect app manager for smart devices as it lets parents remotely view, block, or uninstall apps from the device and blocks in-app purchases, allowing kids to have a safe browsing experience.

How does the app work?

When you tap open the app there are 2 types of login options – one for existing Net Nanny account holders and the other for first time users. If you are a first time user, after logging in your smart device will be registered with Net Nanny. You have pre-defined age categories like pre-teens, teens, adult etc., which help you create the perfect profile for your kid. Net Nanny provides the option to edit this age category by specifying age groups too.

After you create the profile, your children will not be allowed to access the default categories of webpages containing pictures and content related to pornography, death, weapons, drugs, tobacco, alcohol etc. Teens and adults are allowed to view certain webpages which warn against and create awareness on certain health and lifestyle issues. You can create a list of items that have to be blocked for specific reasons. A graphical representation of the blocked categories will be available for quick access, to make changes if required. You can view the browsing history of your kid anytime using the Web-based admin console. The most useful feature of Net Nanny is that it allows your kids to download only safe apps. Net Nanny has restrictions for uploading and downloading data, according to your data plan. As the app limits downloading apps from Google Play and making online purchases, it prevents the theft of personal information.


Special attributes of the app:

After you install the Net Nanny browser, your kids will not be able to uninstall it without getting the administrator’s credentials. The app will not allow your child to use any other browser in the smart device. This browser masks profanity by replacing disallowed words with special characters like @, #,%, ^, * etc. The anti–circumvention tools will ensure that your child has a safe browsing experience. Net Nanny examines and understands the context of each text and then allows or restricts the access of the webpage, according to the specified age. For example drugs may mean medicines or illegal substances that can cause addiction.

I noticed that there are certain websites which cannot be blocked by this app. It would be great if that was made possible in the next version. Apart from this, Net Nanny is an ideal tool to protect your family on your Android device.

Net Nanny can be downloaded, installed and used for free for 14 days, after which you have to pay an annual subscription of US $19.99. The app requires an Android version of 2.2 and above.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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