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Night Flash – Light Communicate: Helpful Tool for Climbers!

Night flash is one of the rare great android apps out there that really offer users exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to using their smartphone as a flashlight tool or light communication. The truth is that those who will really love it a lot and will definitely need it are people who go traveling and adventuring through tall peaks, dark paths and mountains. In this regard, climbers seem to be one of the categories of people who’ll mostly take advantage of its functionality.

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Lighting effects:

There are various lighting effects and even Morse code lighting that people can take advantage of while using Night flash. Each of them will of course serve as great help in various situations and in the list below, people will be able to take a closer look at their description:

* Touch on: In this mode, the user needs to touch the button to open the flash and the release it to close it.
* Morse string: This is basically a flash more code string that allows people to communicate messages when finding themselves in dangerous situations.
* Morse Character: This function allows for flashing a single Morse code character.
* Effect: Various flash modes.
* Adjust: Adjusts dark time and light time.
* SOS: SOS signal.
* Basic: Continuous, low, middle and high speed.

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Even more, users will be able to make use of their Smartphone’s volume key in order to turn off and on the LED\panel. The good news about using panel light is that it will protect the user’s eyes, but the fact is that it only works when panel is activated.

With that being said, for everyone who needs an app that will literally show them the way by illuminating their path, but also one that has many other uses, then it’s clear that Night Flash thoroughly fits the bill.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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