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Portable Toolkit : Fix Your PC On-the-Go

Do you find it difficult to fix your PC when it crashes suddenly or hangs? If yes, do not worry any more! There is a new Android app/tool named ‘Portable Toolkit’ available in the market to fix your PC instantly by logging in through the safe mode. Portable Toolkit allows you to run the necessary files and tools to resolve the issues in your computer, without actually installing them on the infected PC. The app contains full installation versions and portable versions of all types of helpful free software programs for detecting virus or malicious files, recovering files, repairing applications etc. The applications can be stored in the SD card of your device. The app is a perfect solution for your damaged PC.

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Once you open the Portable Toolkit, a Start Up Tip box appears on the screen. You can disable the box if you do not like to see it again later. The app offers 5 different menu items, such as:

  • Installed Tools
  • Download Tools
  • Repair Logs
  • HTTP File Server
  • Settings

The Installed Tools option will display all the tools you have installed in the device. Download Tools option is used to download any type of program required to solve the problem of your PC. The downloaded program will be stored in the SD card and can be accessed in your PC by connection through cables or portable USB.

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With the help of the HTTP File Server, users can access a remote server to download the necessary files and save the files on their phones. They can then transfer the files to the PC to resolve their respective issues.

Users can also delete the unused zip folder and report log folder through the Settings option. The current version supports ads but users have an option to stop the display of pop-up ads, if they do not want to see them anymore. I wish this app had a help section to tell users about the functionality of different menu items. Apart from this, Portable Toolkit is a great app to fix your infected system on-the-go.

Portable Toolkit is available in the Google Play store for free download. It requires an Android version of 2.3 and above.

Rating: 4.1/ 5

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