Rocket VPN: All the Perks of a VPN for Your Android Smartphone Minus the Technical Intricacies Involved

VPNs for Android devices offer a lot of nifty features like hiding your personal information and identity online. Of course, people also use them to bypass limits in their current locations. If a specific content is not yet available in your location, for instance, you can use a VPN to easily gain access to it. What’s good about Rocket VPN, though, it’s completely devoid of the complexities found in other smartphone VPN apps.

It is basically an app that lets users encrypt private mobile data, giving them the ability to surf anonymously in the Internet. If you’re worried about the speed of your connection suffering because of it, know that many users have already reported that there’s no change (or, at most, very minimal) at all in speed when using Rocket VPN.

It lets you choose from numerous servers from around the globe in order to access possibly blocked content that is only available in the said locales. Once done, you are now pretty much able to avail of all usual benefits of a VPN; all of them would be listed for you in the main interface as well as pertinent information such as location and data still available. The Rocket Browser is the app’s built-in browser, which ensures that you are always kept from unwanted elements as you surf the Net.

The app also hosts a Quick Launch (aptly named as the Rocket Launcher) feature that shortens the time it takes for you to open an app and connect to Rocket VPN as you use it. It even readily reveals the location in which the app would be running, as hinted by the flag next to the app’s icon. It’s possible to change your location in seconds for both the Launcher and Browser.

Upgrading your subscription is certainly worth it since it allows you to use Rocket VPN for all your devices, besides unlocking unlimited bandwidth for faster speed as well. What’s good is that compared to other VPN subscriptions, Rocket VPN’s is evidently more economical, to say the least.

Rocket VPN is certainly set apart from other VPN apps with its ease-of-use and comparably cheaper subscription prices. Without a doubt, Rocket VPN becomes all the more indispensable in scenarios that involve connecting to public Wi-Fi networks that aren’t secured. There’s always a persistent risk of having your identity and precious private information being compromised in such networks. Rocket VPN virtually erases this issue by helping you avoid potential trackers and, of course, by keeping your sessions anonymous all the time.

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