Screen Off Pro: A Better Alternative to Accessing and Protecting Your Phone’s Screen

Being able to lock your phone at exactly the right time that you want it to gives you that much-needed direct control over the privacy and security of your mobile activities. The average Android Smartphone user simply doesn’t have that benefit available to him with the default screen lock that you get. Screen Off Pro offers a great way of addressing this by allowing you to exercise better control over the way your phone’s screen is locked.

It’s fairly easy to get a grasp of the app’s general functionality. You simply activate its device administrator, which would then authorize it to control the locking features of your phone’s screen. You may create a screen lock icon in the form of a shortcut in your Home afterwards. From then on, you would always be able to lock your phone’s screen promptly by tapping the said shortcut.

The app throws in the ability to customize how you want the shortcut to look as well, offering plenty of lock designs to serve as icons for it. You may also freely edit the label for the screen lock, giving you the freedom to name your screen lock into however you want to call it There is also the capability to set the lock animation that would be performed each time you lock the screen (there are plenty of numerous animations to choose from that range from Pix and Disappear to Bounce and Blink).

If you prefer the app to play a sound or do a vibrating motion once you enable its locking mechanism, then you just have to enable the Play Sound or Vibrate options. The app also allows you to place the lock shortcut on your phone’s Notifications interface or, if you prefer it, have a floating shortcut instead appear on the interface of any app that you might be running at present. However, take note that these last features actually requires you to unlock the full capabilities of the app for you to avail of them.

Compared to other screen lock apps, Screen Off Pro’s originality is underscored by its on-point simplicity and user-friendliness. With just a few taps of a button, you would be able to ensure that you would have full control over the security of your phone. It’s also worth highlighting that if ever your phone no longer has a power button that functions normally, this app can serve as a veritable replacement for it as it allows you to access your screen without having to rely on the said button.

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