Sim Card Manager & Reader Plus App Review

Easy Management of Contacts and Acquisition of Vital SIM Card Information

Important information regarding a phone’s SIM card, especially the SIM’s serial number and phone number, are often not readily available to the user. Yes, there are multiple, more private ways that SIM card providers can make them known to you, but it could prove to be a hassle to store in a public list or let alone memorize these pieces of information, however vital they are.

A perfect SIM card manager

 What’s good is that the two prevalent phone problems said above are easily addressed by Sim Card Manager & Reader Plus. It is an app that prioritizes SIM organization, as evidenced by the myriad of SIM information that it can provide and the variety of ways in which it allows users to maintain their contacts list.

 In the ‘Contacts’ tab, the user can search, add, multi-select, import, export, delete all available contacts in the phone, as well as get basic information about each one. The feature that obviously stands out, especially for users who mean to use their former contacts list, is the import/export contacts feature. This essentially lets you import to and from your phone’s SD card making syncing the phone with the app instant; afterward, you can start managing them. Once you’ve made a more organized list in the app, you can perform most of your normal contacting operations from it like sending SMS and calling your contact. 

A perfect and free SIM card manager app

 While there are a lot of apps that also offer most of the features that Sim Card Manager & Reader Plus has, it is ultimately made different by its no-nonsense and easy-to-use interface. It also makes use of familiar icons in helping users fulfill their daily mobile messaging tasks. Overall, an app that many users who struggle with gargantuan, muddling contacts lists and latent phone info problems would certainly not mind having.


Price: Free

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Final Thoughts

Overall Score 4.2

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