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Spy Mobile Call, Text Tracker Android App Review!

Spy Mobile Call, Text Tracker is an android app that will allow people to actually spy one someone’s cell phone and fully know what they are texting, talking, whom they’re talking to and so on. After the app is installed, it will allow users to keep tabs on the target’s call history, read text messages, pinpoint real time GPS location and so forth.

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Being in control:

When it comes to Spy Mobile Call, it’s an app that will mostly be appreciated by parents, but also employers who want to know what is up in their company and if their employees are slacking off or not. Even better, people can use it on their own tablet or smartphone to protect their data and also retrieve their device if it’s lost or stolen.


The app has plenty of interesting features and they include:
Logging Call Details
Recording Calls
Restricting incoming calls
SMS interception
GPS location
Monitoring Calendar Entries
Reading E-mails
IM interception
Control over installed apps
Remote control

Feature details:

Regarding what the features are all about, Logging Call Details allows for logging and monitoring call history and calls the target makes, Recording Calls lets people listen to the calls the target receives and also makes from the target phone, while Restricting incoming calls allows individuals to set the app in such a way that it will restrict the target from receiving incoming calls from certain numbers.

Best Tool to Track Everything-Spy Mobile Call Tracker

SMS interception, GPS location and Monitoring Calendar Entries allow every SMS the target receives or sends to be spied upon, real time spying on the target’s location and spying upon the target’s Memos, scheduled meetings and calendar activities respectively. Lastly, Reading E-mails, IM interception, Control over installed apps and Remote control lets users read the target’s received or sent E-mails, intercept IMs on Viber, WhatsApp and Skype, control all the installed apps on the target phone and remotely control the target phone respectively.

There are also a bunch of new other features that have been recently included and they are:

* Facebook chat monitoring: All conversations on FB can be monitored.
* Spying Gmail messages: People can read the received and sent E-mails from the target’s Gmail account.

As people can see, if they want an app that will tell them everything someone is doing, using this app will help them achieve that very easily and with very little effort as well.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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