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Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite: The Stylish App for Your Android Device!

An Android widget is a small application that is normally placed a widget host, in this case the homescreen or the lockscreen of your Android device. Widgets runs as part of the process of its host, acting as simple controls that informs the Android user of important updates occurring within the application. Among many of its benefits is the fact that this feature reminds the user that the application exists and thus encourages them to use it more often.

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Well, for starters and for those who want to know about the app, Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite, that is quite a mouthful. Fret no more, but I figured that such an introduction will help you understand the working mechanisms of app widgets and save you the pain of getting lost in the middle of the article. However, don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of going techy.

Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite is an easy android phone application that is closely resemble a speed dial in the context that it lets you choose the contacts of the people you call on a regular basis and design your own widget for these contacts. What these means is that your friends or workmates appear on the home screen and this saves you the trouble of having to navigate through your phonebook (some of which can have quite many names!) to make calls to these people. Instead you just click on the homescreen and with less than two strokes your call is underway!

Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite Features:

Risking stating what I have already mentioned is fact that, with only two clicks, this app gets your call on. This is especially beneficial to those of us who are pressed for time. On top of having a terrific UI, Stylish Quick Call Widget Lite has big, easy-to-read letters and easy-to-click life-sized buttons. This means that you can double up in your tasks, since calls no longer need to be made with two hands, rather all your need is your thumb to make all the navigations.

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Phone numbers can be registered either by your contact list or manual input. Thus if a contact already exists in your phone it saves you the hassle of having to write the contacts somewhere then manually inputting them. Rather you just import them to this app with just a few clicks. That simple! Additionally, contacts are saved as data in this application and not on your contact list. This feature allows you to register over 60 contact numbers. With this app, you can set up to display or not to display the confirmation of your call.

I really don’t think that I should broach into the setting options of this app, because with the ease of usage that is put into the development of this cool app, you should be able to navigate through within minutes after installation.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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