TUFFS: Provides that Complete No-Hassle Touch When Launching Apps

What could be more convenient than being able to launch your apps straight from your smartphone’s Notifications interface? With TUFFS Notification Shortcuts, you would be able to do just that, but it definitely doesn’t stop there. It throws in a host of other features that serve to complement the said primary functionality of TUFFS. This would be made readily apparent once you start the app.

If you tap on Home, you’ll see that there are slots for the apps (or even Android system processes). You may start to freely set the ones that you like to add in them. What makes things even better is that you can set the total number of slots that you like to use (there is a maximum of 8, at present).

As far as customization is concerned, the user is equally given plenty of opportunities to personalize not only the apps’ look but also the frame of the app (in terms of background color and design). You even have the option of displaying the icon packs that you’ve installed to fully make your shortcuts that much unique.

TUFFS can be enabled and disabled easily via the Home screen as well; you only need to use the built-in slider to turn it on or off. If it happens that the 8 slots are not enough for you, then you should certainly consider unlocking the app’s full version to gain access to an extra set of rows. This also effectively removes the ads that the app is displaying.

Lastly, the app also has a neat innate feature that lets you access the notification interface from the lock screen. This ensures that you would certainly save plenty of time accessing apps or system processes that you need to run with as few actions as possible. If you’re concerned about security, know that the app also lets you disable this by hiding Notifications in your lock screen. You may check out the Settings tab for other options that you can enable.

TUFFS is set slightly apart from other shortcut-themed apps that allow you to launch apps and system processes from the Notification area of your phone by its generous way of making additional features available at entirely no cost. For instance, the ability to expand the number of slots in some apps that are similar to TUFFS normally requires users to immediately available of a ‘Premium’ version of the app that unlocks the extra features.

Other aspects of the app that are worth highlighting are its user-friendliness and the undeniable handiness that it offers. A good testament to how well users are receiving the app is the fact that it is now nearing the 100,000th mark in terms of number of downloads. It could very well have reached that significant milestone already as you are reading this. Couple that with the over 3,000 reviews it has already gotten, and it becomes pretty obvious that TUFFS is well on its way to the top.

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