Volume Scheduler: A Nifty, Almost Set-and-Forget Automatic Volume Changer

Have you always wanted an easy way for you to modify your phone’s volume settings, with emphasis on automating the entire process? Of course, there are numerous aspects to consider when it comes to a smartphone’s volume. There are the notifications, media sounds, and last but not least, ringtone.

How many instances and faux pas have you experienced which involved your phone going off while talking to an important client or contact personally? The same can be said for the opposite. If you frequent noisy places, you might end up missing on an important call. Most of the time, a lot of people simply don’t pay too much heed on setting their device’s volume. It’s just too much of a trivial hassle. Nonetheless, it’s not without importance, especially if you take into consideration the scenarios said above.

With the help of Volume Scheduler, you’ll be able to input the specific times of the day when you want your phone’s ringtone to increase and decrease. You do this by making the said schedules within the app, which you can then proceed to label with nifty names such as Home, Office, School, etc. As you edit each schedule, you’ll see that you’ll be able to modify the entire volume profile (Phone Volume, Notification Volume, Media Volume, Alarm Volume, etc.) of your phone. You’ll also be able to pick from other modes such as Silent and Vibrate. You’ll even be able to choose from a variety of ringtones (however, do note that this is only if you unlock the Premium version). The same can’t be said for notification sound options, though, as there are plenty that are available for free. The real wonderful aspect of the app, though, lies in its scheduling feature. You’ll be able to set the exact time and days that your settings would be activated without needing too much supervision from the user (the app will prompt you, though, once a change is about to be made). Once you have fully modified and set your schedule, you can easily turn it on or off with the app’s built-in slider. Other notable features in the Settings portion are the ability to postpone or snooze the volume change as well as the one-tap activation of various volume profiles.

Volume Scheduler is able to easily stand out from other apps with the same features because of the way it has simplified the entire process of changing your ringtone volume. Other apps just tend to offer features that are far too advanced and complicated for the average, casual user. That being said, Volume Scheduler certainly shines with its user-friendly functionalities.

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