XNSPY – A Dynamic Android Spy App and Team Management Tool

One of the many advantages of the mobile age is better communication and coordination. People don’t have to be physically present at any place in order to lookout for team members. Through technological advances that allow mobile apps to use GPS tracking, people can keep a check on the location and movement of their target people through their cell phones. Once users install an Android spy app in the target’s cell phone, apps like xnspy open new doors of possibilities. Here’s a list of other things such apps offer:

Remarkable Coordination with Geo-fencing Feature

This app comes with the Geo-fencing feature, which allows employers a free hand to keep track of employees while they are out of the office walls. Some business require team members to be on the go all the time, and employers need minute-to-minute updates on their location. Such apps tell the user exactly where and when the target person enters or leaves the defined area. Users can mark checked in and checked out places within a 100 mi, 200 mi, 500 mi, and 1000 mi radius.

GPS Location Tracking

This app allows users to stay informed about the GPS location of the target cell phone.

XNSPY lets employers stay in the know by giving them all the GPS-related stats of the target phone or tablet holder. Log into the application control panel and instantly know where they are by tracking the following details:

• Current Location
• History of locations

Record Cellular Phone Calls
Users can also enjoy the ability to record cellular calls for future references. Sometimes, while employers cannot accompany their workers to listen to the conversations with customers, this feature proves very effective. They can listen to the calls with the customer later to make sure they don’t miss important details that can help them improve their business.

Record Sounds in the Surrounds
When employers suspect that their employees need monitoring while at work, using this feature can help them know what goes on in their absence. It is important to maintain workplace discipline, and if after series of warnings, an employee doesn’t show signs of improvement, this feature proves helpful. This Android spy app allows the user to turn on the recorder in stealth mode to listen to conversations happening around the target’s cell phone.

Monitor Internet Chats on Cell Phone
While it is impossible to stop people from using Internet chat tools on their cell phones, users can monitor them. This app comes with the unique feature that allows users access to details about calls, chats, and photos exchanged with contacts via apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and others.

Monitor Social Media Chats
If the target person has Facebook messenger installed on the cell phone, users can also monitor messages and calls made. This is a rare feature and many other monitoring apps don’t come with it.

Watchlist Contacts in Target’s Cell Phone
This interesting feature allows users to monitor the people with whom the target person communicates. As soon as a watch-listed person calls or sends text messages to the target employee, users receive a notification about it via SMS.

Watch-list Words to Monitor Conduct of Target
This Android spy app also allows the user to mark words that the target person may use in text messages and IM Chats. This allows users to stay informed whenever the employee shares sensitive details without permission, and take action.

Monitor Browsing History
With this app installed on the target person’s cell phone, users can also monitor the browser’s history. This allows employers to know if the employee visits criminal websites while on duty. The advantage of using this monitoring feature is that it tells employers if a specific employee can be potential threat to co-workers in the organization.

Remote Control of Target’s Cell Phone
This monitoring app allows the user control over the target’s device without touching the Android device. Through this feature, the user can do the following:

• Alter the cell phone’s settings
• Lock the target’s cell phone
• Wipe off all data on the target’s cellphone
• Send specific commands to the target’s cell phone
• Take screen shots of live activities
• Check various activities on the target’s cell phone via the control panel

Not Just for Android Devices
Users can install XNSPY on both iOS and Android devices. Unlike similar spy apps in the market that operate on either one of these platforms, this app allows users more flexibility. There is no need to worry about what device the target person uses, just make sure that it is not a Windows device.

This is a great Android spy app for team management purposes. It integrates on both iOS and Android devices without affecting its performance. Thanks to the innovative design of the app, it is available in the market as the most effective team management tool.

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