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Top Five New Apps for Android

It is not easy to reach a top position when there are 250,000 competitors. These few apps have managed to do it. They were launched recently and they are making news now. Today we list out the top five new apps for Android.


TubeMate YouTube Downloader: This app enables users to access, search, share, and download YouTube videos. As the download will happen in the background, they can browse the internet, tweet or listen to the music. It also lets them share their favorite videos to their YouTube account and create playlists. YouMate YouTube Downloader requires Android 1.6 and up.

Music Download:rel=“nofollow”> It lets users save, search and download free music and lyric to their Droid directly from search engines. The multi thread downlobuildings_screenshotrel=“nofollow”>rel=“nofollow”>ad enables them to download 3 songs at the same time. Music Download has easy to use interface and do what it claims to do without any hiccups. It requires Android 1.5 or higher.

Buildings:rel=“nofollow”> This mobile encyclopedia of buildings gives tourists and architecture enthusiasts an insight for more than 40,000 buildings across the globe with expert commentary. It provides information, images and videos about historical buildings and modern architecture. Users can also get direction for interesting architecture nearby. This app requires Android 2.1 and higher.

Drunk Man: This is really a peculiar game with an interesting character David. He got drunk on his wife’s birthday and users have to help him buy a present for her. If he leans too much he will fall and the game will be over. They can control his movement just by tapping. This funny game requires Android 1.5 and higher.

City Jump: Strike Back:rel=“nofollow”> The mission of the game is saving the city from the invading adrunk_man_logorel=“nofollow”>liens and this app asks human to strike back. Users need to guide the superhero to jump and fight against mechanized troops, kill the boss of aliens, and achieve all tasks to save the city. CJ: Strike Back requires Android 1.6 or higher.

This new list has two utility apps and two games. It is interesting to see utility apps holding the top spot. It heralds a new trend that has more space for this kind of apps.

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