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Track your Workout Routines Efficiently with GymProvise

Looking for ways to stay motivated at the gym? Wanna get the most out of your workouts? If you are looking for a fitness companion to help you monitor your workout sessions, GymProvise is an app you must try. Whether you are a gym rat or an enthusiastic novice, this app is a handy workout tracker that will help you achieve your fitness goals and stay fit.

GymProvise is a powerful, versatile and flexible workout scheduler that comes loaded with almost all possible features you would look for in a fitness/bodybuilding app. It has an extensive exercise database that has over 350 exercises and detailed instructions. It has predefined workouts that target different sections of the body and separate body parts. The app also lets you tailor exercise routines based on specific needs and track your progress on a day-to-day basis. An option to download exercise images is available.


On the Home screen you will find 6 main options – Track, Logs, Exercises, Programs, Charts and Profile and Settings. To kick-start your workout you need to select a training program from the list. You have the option of choosing an inbuilt program or making your own personalized program based on your requirements. What makes things really convenient is that the inbuilt programs can be modified just the way you want it. All programs have a set of workouts to be completed in a certain time period.

Using the ‘Track’ option, you can create a workout and track your fitness data. The ‘Logs’ option lets you create, review and edit logs for past workouts. The ‘Exercises’ option has a complete database of exercises and is replete with instructions and images. ‘Charts and Profile’ helps you track your progress in a particular workout/exercise and monitor your body weight. The ‘Settings’ option contains plenty of tools to set preferences, back up and restore fitness data and export data. You can also enable Facebook integration to post your workout summary and/or workout personal bests to your wall.

Working of the app:

Using GymProvise you can create and delete training programs, copy existing ones, edit training program details, create a new workout plan, edit workout plan details, add/delete bodyparts from a planned workout, add cardio to a planned workout etc. You can decide on the number and type of exercises you want to do for a bodypart. Setting up supersets and drop sets, modifying the number of planned sets and changing the order of exercises can be done easily with GymProvise.

The programs are designed for different levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. On tapping a program, you can have a look at its details. These exercises target different sections of the body. You can add exercises, decide on the number of sets and select the variations of your choice. The exercises come with a description of preparation and execution, comments and variations.


You can view your logs and progress chart at any time. While making your selection of exercises you can narrow down the exercise list by making use of the exercise filters such as dumbbell exercises, barbell exercises, kettlebell exercises, bodyweight exercises, cable based exercises and machine based exercises. The Select and View tabs let you toggle between making your selections and reviewing the selections you have made.

GymProvise has Help menus available on most of the screens, making it very easy to understand the functionality and working of the app. You can gain instant access you any exercise you want by making use of the filters and handy search tool in the app. I personally found the 1RM (repeat maximum) calculator and rest timer to be of great help during my workouts. It would be of help if the developers could add 3D animation to the images and the option of creating custom cardio exercises in the next version of the app.

GymProvise is a simple and effective way to get the perfect body you have always wanted! The app costs $ 3.64 and requires Android 2.2 or later versions.


Price : $ 3.64

Rating : 4.5/5


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